Not the end of the world but seriously, can't they let anyone have curly hair??!!

One of the characters on 2 Broke Girls had gorgeous 3B curly hair. Every week it get less curly. It's 3A this week and by next week it will be wavy instead of curly. Still pretty, but what's wrong with the curls??

In the Merlin series - Guinevere had beautiful 3B curls. As her character gets more 'important' her hair gets straighter. Morgana, on the other hand, who is an evil character is getting curlier. So the message is - if you are bad you must have messy ugly curly hair. Ugh.

And finally, they can't even leave the comic strips alone. One of the characters in Funky Winkerbean had braids/twistouts. Now that she is in the strip more often her hair is now stick straight. Grrr.

And while I'm griping (hey I woke up grumpy today, what can I say. hahaha) - why hasn't NC added a HALL OF FAME forum yet? I asked for one years ago. We now have a zillion forums here but we still have to post our compliments and good things under the Hall of Shame!! Makes me nuts.

Ok, whew, I feel better now! : )
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