I have been reading through some of the posts and I thought I would share my exp....as a little girl I had very curly hair. In the end of elementary school through middle school my hair went straight. I got my period my sophomore year and my hair got curly again and stay curly through college. Then I went on the pill and my hair went straight again!
I have been off the pill for a couple weeks now and haven't noticed any change yet, but my fingers are crossed - I want my curls back
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I had the same experience as you with my hair...very curly at an early age, then wavy/straight during early puberty years, and then curly again through college up until I went on birth control pills...they slowly diminished to the point where I was only curly at the ends of my hair. I never made the connection until this year when I stopped taking them. I went off the pill in mid-January and 3 weeks later my curls reappeared with a vengeance.
I truly believe the pill caused my curls to diminish greatly...my old curls are back and I'm so happy!
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I am SO happy to hear that, because I had the exact same experience! I'm on Kariva (generic Mircette) and I think I'm going to call my doctor to change. I've been on it for four years now, and my hair was 2b-3b before and now it's only curly at the ends! It took the course of 3 years to completely change though, which seems longer than everyone else. I've been going crazy trying to figure out what happened to my hair though and I think I finally figured it out! I want my curls back! I hope it won't take 3 years to curl up again! Oy..