I just recently started the Curly Girl method, after straightening my hair and wearing mostly ponytails for 10 plus years! I am letting it be curly now, and am struggling with the bottom half of my hair. The top half of my hair is responding well to the curly girl method, getting healthy curls, but the bottom half is still dry and frizzy and not very curly. Is the answer to cut it off?

I am using Loreal sulfate free cleansing conditioner for my wash, then I have been going back and forth between using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and Burts Bees shiny grapefruit as a rinse out leave in conditioner. Then I have been putting a little gel in and scrunching with a t shirt, and then plopping my hair for 15 minutes. I am not sure what else to try at this point... any suggestions?