Oh yes -- I've been battling cholesterol since my early 30s (it runs -- in a big way -- in my family...my teeny tiny mom, who walks miles every day and eats a stellar diet -- still has cholesterol issues even with medication).

I've tried it all -- red yeast rice, fish oil pills (I learned the hard way that I can't tolerate them), garlic supplements, Cholest-Off pills, weight loss, exercise, diet -- even with medication my cholesterol still fluctuates wildly.

I can at least keep the numbers fairly reasonable with medication; my doctor has had me on fibrates for the past couple years because my triglycerides have been my highest number. I've been on almost all of the statins, most of the fibrates, plus Vytorin (statin/zetia combo), Lovaza (prescription fish oil) and prescription niacin (which was HELL, omg, the flushing and red-hot skin, ugh).

I just try to keep my diet reasonable (we don't EVER have fast food), continue to fight the weight gain that has plagued me since I turned 35 (I'm 47 now), take my medication and get my blood tested regularly. It sucks -- but I'm cursed by my genes. :P
~ Wendi in IL
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