Hi there,

I would like to offer my advice

1) What is my hair type (I was thinking wavy 2b)?

Don't stress about sub-typing, especially if you are not going to grow your hair long. You are a 2 but there are many ways to look at hair. Your hair is wavy (which I consider a sub-type of curly).

2) What style do you think would look best (shorter or shoulder length)?

Depends. Shoulder length should only be tried by those who can afford the time to invest in it. A properly looked after long mane will, however, look good on many men.

When in doubt, go with short.

3) Is CO washing a good start to figure out how to care for my hair?

Yes. My advice is to start using a conditioner pronto and experiment, especially if you decide to grow your curls.

All the best.
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