I have mixed results: one is really good and one is just okay. I can't recall which is which. I'm supposed to eat low fat cheese as a result, but I eat so little high fat dairy that I'm not too concerned about being strict with that rule.

I wish there was an easier way to keep track of levels than fasting before a blood test. The test makes me sicker and less likely to exercise and eat well than not being tested does.
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I guess I don't understand why fasting before a blood test would be a problem? I had one a few weeks ago, scheduled at 9 am. 12 hour fast, I never eat after 9 ish at night anyway, so why would a 12 hour fast be any different than a usual day?

I don't know much about the dairy fat thing in regards to cholesterol, but I know mine improved after I quit baking homemade bread on a regular basis. I thought I was saving money by baking, but really I just put on weight. I saved more money and lost weight and lowered my cholesterol by skipping the bread in general, both homemade and storebought.