Thats me after Pravana SmoothOut!lol. NO seriously though. My hair is a 3c and I often go to Florida which is not fun for my hair. Well if I like it straight. Which I usually do. I got the first treatment in june '11 ...AMAZING! still had a bit of curl but lost the frizz. In about August it starting to get a little frizz back. I got it done again and it seems that the more you get it the more it works great!

Keep in mind I wash my hair once a week and used the perfection shampoo and conditioner and only redken heat glide serum. Put the serum on wet...let my hair air dry... Then blow dry and flat iron.

My hair seems so soft and shiny and looks healthier I luuuuv it. I got it done a 3rd time in Oct. and OMG My hair doesnt even curl when I wash is bone straight and it is now Feb '12 and My hair still is straight. I will try to post pics..I think i only have how curly it was after the first cuz I rarely would wear it curly b4 then. The first photo is after One treatment and the second is after 2.

I will say my hair dresser said the blow out after applying makes or breaks the perm. So make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing.

And remember protect those ends!!! put a little oily stuff on your ends. When just doing a touch up flat ironing during the week I just put a little amika oil on my hair to keep from drying out.
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