I've also had high cholesterol since my early 20s... it's part of my family medical history. Pretty much everyone in my family dies of heart attacks or strokes, or both. I have lowered my bad cholesterol by using olive oil for everything I cook.. I still had high overall cholesterol, but my proportion of good to bad was improved by it.

That being said even with the family history, I have a grandmother who's 90 has had two heart attacks in her 50s and is still going strong. She has never smoked a day in her life. My mother who was at a healthy weight, who exercised and ate right, but smoked cigarrettes (less than half a pack daily) died at age 54 of a massive heart attack.

I think diet or meds can help, but if you smoke too, you may as well kiss any of the benefits of good diet or medication good bye.
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i practically have an 'addiction' to olive oil, love the stuff! have even gotten my grown, married kids and their spouses to use olive oil on corn on the cob and they love it. my cholesterol is borderline, but the good cholesterol is "amazingly" high (quoting my dr), so he is pleased with the numbers.

i do know as some of you have said, that it really is mostly in the genes, and you can make it better or worse with diet. and that some people can eat nothing and their bodies would still make cholesterol.

but i think the fish oil supplements (i've been taking omega 3s for many yrs now per one of my drs) and olive oil replacing other fats is worth a try.
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