Fish and walnuts, baby!

I did not lower my overall cholesterol but raised the good cholesterol so high that the doctor says all is well.

I was vegetarian but ate more dairy; replaced most of the fat in my diet with "good fats"; walnuts for breakfast most days, more olive oil (we already ate a lot of olive oil, though), and olives, avocados, added salmon or tuna at least once a week, cut back on dairy (but do still use full-fat dairy).

Work out 4 or 5 times a week, cardio. Am skinny, but was always like that.

Basically the change I made was I went to a HIGHER fat diet, but with a large chunk of that fat from the alleged good fats, and I am very happy to have the high good cholesterol, I think that is actually healthier than having low levels overall.
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