If anyone has any suggestions I could try, please share them!! Essentially, I'm looking for a way to decrease friction and protect my hair, particularly my ends, overnight. My hair is thin at the ends and I'm pretty sure it's because it's rubbing against everything--chairs, clothes, pillow, et cetera. I've tried satin pillowcases, and I end up falling off my pillow, so I quit that.

I just watched a YouTube video of this girl who has gorgeous, long goddess curls. She stands by 2 principles to help with hair growth:
1. moisturize often
2. wear protective hairstyles to keep your ends from being exposed to the elements and to friction. Especially overnight.
The protective hairstyle example she demonstrates is a bun that sits on top of her head. It sounds like a great idea, however, I personally cannot do this, because it would make the curls on the top of my head very flat and curl-less.
Here's the video: See 1:30 at URBANOGcom's Channel - YouTube

Here's another tutorial where she shows her braid-out hair routine. She leaves 4 braids in her hair overnight to protect her ends and decrease friction as well as to get her curly hairstyle: Natural Hair Tutorial - Beach Waves with No Heat, How to Grow Hair Longer - YouTube
I am testing the braid-out routine right now. Again, I'm worried it's going to flatten and de-curl the top of my head, but we'll see I guess. (I'll check back in with the results).
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