Hi ladies,

It's hereditary…thanks mom and dad

I'm getting tired of dying my hair every few weeks but I'm not ready to face the truth yet! These stark white roots are getting depressing.

When new growth comes in I can only part my hair a certain way in order to disguise it until I dye my hair again.

Does anyone have any advice on the healthiest option I should take to maintain my mane?

I was using Revlon Colorsilk to do my roots because of the price and the fact that it claimed to be ammonia-free. But it was still a damaging permanent hair color and my temples are becoming super thin and I feel short hairs where my hairline used to be thicker.

So I tried a healthier option by going to Sally's and getting a demi-permanent color and developer. Well, no one at Sally's told me to go a few shades lighter with a demi so I ended up with almost black hair. It never faded, even after washing several times with a (*gasp*) clarifying shampoo. So I got a partial highlight and that helped lighten things back up. But I have to be frugal so I want to do my hair myself for as long as I can.

I know that you can't lighten your hair with semi or demi, but I'm thinking that eventually I might have to go really light to disguise the new (white) growth better. I'm not sure how to word this, but when all of my hair turns white is it easier to be a blond or healthier to keep dying it brown?

Would a semi color hold onto the white roots or should I stick to demi color?

Thank you if you got this far