Maybe you could deep condition once a week or so with coconut oil. That should lock in the protein and bring in the shine.

Also, here are some good products for chlorine and curly hair:
(natural and can be bought at Ulta) Fairy Tales Energizing Leave-in Conditioner, 12 oz: Health & Personal Care
(natural and can be bought at Ulta)

I brought the leave-in after going to a waterpark, and my hair was great the next day
Weekly Shampoo: Kinky-Curly Come Clean + Coconut Oil
Co-wash/RO: Cure Care Skin & Hair Conditioner
LI: Kinky-Curly Knot Today
Styler: Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

  • combing to detangle and separate curls
  • scrunch 'n pump!
  • t-shirt turban
Hair coconut oil and protein
Hair silicones, sulfates, glycerin, synthetic ingredients

2c/C/ii/low porosity. Growing out!
*November- above chin
*January- at chin
*March- around collarbone