Ok a week ago I checked to find a natural hairstylist in my area and was so indecisive so I found a number to a women who did my hair a while back number was no longer good so called salon she had worked in well the owner said she had been gone a while but what was I looking to do so I explained I have been transitioning for a year & 3 months and I wanted to finally cut off the relaxed hair she so oh ok well I do natural hair, did you want a blow dry and to straighten the hair, I replied no I want it naturally curly she said I would like to see the texture of your hair OK went for appt. and she wash my hair and told me before she began to blowdry she says you just have barely bit of relaxer, will cut after blowdry and then she hit me your texture is like mines and the curly effect you want to have you will not be able to achieve! WOW! that hurt! then she says I will blowdry and flat iron hair it will be as if you had a relaxer, Now I never said I wanted a relaxed look but any how I've decided to wash on my day off and apply some curly styling products and see for myself if I can actually achieve the way I want to wear my hair!!!! Wish me Luck!!! if any products or tips feel free to respond please!! Help a Newbie out!!!!