Exactly there is always some trying to hate on ya shine 4get her cuz she doesnt know what your hair will and will not do because it is not hers!

Stylist be tripping sometimes lol but there are so many things you can do to hair for different type of curls(bcuz your hair is naturally curly silly lol) but you can try kinky-curly curling curstard,eco-styler(olive or argan oil), ms.jessies products,shea moisture stuff as far as products go and play with bantu knot outs, rod sets, etc. You have endless options!

Good Luck and Congrats on becoming fully natural!
BC-SL-CBL-APL-BSL-MBL-WL-HL!(Ultimate goal unless I change my mind)

-Dont know hair type!&Don't wanna- Just have a lovely assortment of coils and curls of all sizes