Sleek and Shine is pretty moisturizing. Along with Triple Nutrition, it's probably the most moisturizing conditioner I've ever used! I'm not sure if it would be too much for your hair or not... I mean, I think it's worth it to try because it's AMAZING. If it fails as an everyday RO for you, you can use it as a DT instead!
whurly girly (2C/3A).
thick; medium/coarse; low porosity.
hair that is drier than the sahara desert.

LOW-POO: Renpure Organics
CO: L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
RO: Renpure Keratin Conditioner. New HG!
LI: L'Oreal EverSleek Humidity-Defying LI Creme
Styling: SM Curl Milk, Argan Oil for sealing, sometimes GFPC Gel, some honey for hold, TIGI Control Freak Serum!!