I feel so bad for Belle.
I thought it was weird that she wasn't in the town. Usually they have a parallel story line but she never appeared. I was looking for her in the bar the whole episode. Lol At least now we know why.

I like the depth tonight's episode gave to Mr. Gold.

They were really good with making this episode mirror Beauty and the Beast. Belle had both of her signature dresses (the gold and the blue), the pots, the chipped cup, the mention of an old woman selling flowers, the mention of the superficiality of Gaston, the red rose...I oculd go on and on. Loved it!

It looks like next week will be about a Siren/mermaid. (did anyone see the preview, I kind of had my attention elsewhere at the time, but that's what it looked like to me).

The queen is EVIL, as usual.