i tried going to sleep with wet hair last weekend (with a microfiber towel on my pillowcase like laurabeth), and when i woke up it looked like it had no product in it. fluffy/puffy with no curl definition or hold. it was barely even save-able with recoil and awe inspiraling, which usually get me out of anything.
i tried plopping overnight a couple times before too- both times still wet in the morning. the first time i thought it looked good but then it dried and, like above, looked like it had no product. the second time, i added more gel when it was still wet/damp in the AM and it didn't help.

i'd like to be able to shower at night so i don't have to go to work with wet hair and/or diffuse (makes me frizzier), but unless my hair is dry or almost dry before i go to bed it ends up a disaster! any tips?
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