I love NC, but I do wonder why you ever put tips from celebrities who don't really have curly hair (and therefore don't really "get" curly hair and the particular care it requires that's different from what straight hair requires).

Today's tip from Drew Barrymore was "A silicone based shine product can be mixed with mousse if you have a tendency to frizz." Silicone based products are fine to use on curly hair as long as you shampoo often to get rid of any product build-up. If you do not shampoo often, opt for a silicone-free frizz fighting product."

The tip stated 'as is' to "shampoo often to get rid of product build-up" just doesn't seem like a wise regimen to suggest to curlies. I don't have a particular problem with Barrymore, but I would much rather hear tips from celebs like Alex Kingston who have naturally curly hair and obviously know how to care for it.

Thanks again for your website. I really do enjoy hanging out on NC.
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