I have long(somewhere between bra strap and waist length), thick 2C hair with a little 2B and 3A depending on the day with side swept bangs, or was until a few days ago when it was over thinned and razored.. but that's a whole other story.

I take my showers at night, once my hair's damp I mix a little bit of defining gel, curling milk, and leave in condtioner in my hand and run it through the length of my hair(I like my roots smoothed out) and gently cup my curls/waves to get them to clump. I diffuse it and shape curls with my fingers until its about 95% dry, then straighten my bangs.

Once all this is said and done I seal it with coconut oil, braid the length of my hair in on big braid, pin my bangs to the side, and hit the pillow. I don't french braid my hair because my hair is layered, and it's a pain, but the number and sizes of braids varies with the size of your curls and the length of your hair(can't quite tell from you picture).

I get up in the morning take out the braid, spritz it with some leave-in(currently just watered down condtioner, but hey what ever works), and run a comb or brush through it(be weary of brushing your hair, my hair can handle it, most people's can't). You don't have to but I occasion have to touch up the curls by my face with a 1/2" curling iron.

Sorry, my responce was so long. XD I just wanted to be thorough.