We already knew Gold remembered from some past episodes (or at least strongly suspected) - but now we know Regina knows he knows. Do you think now that he told her his name she has a power over him?
How will their warfare against each other expand?

Do you think "true love's kiss" between Gold and Belle is the answer to ending this curse and taking them all home?
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I don't think it is the complete answer but I definitely think it would be a BIG step in the right direction. I mean, Emma is the savior so she is assumed to play a big part in the breaking of the curse. I think that is Emma could find the StoryBrook Belle in the asylum thing and Mr. Gold can learn to let down his guard and love her, the Queen will have more people against her because I think Mr. Gold being vulnerable and open to love will put him on the side of good.

Haha, maybe the moral of this entire t.v. show is that true love conquers all! That's how fairy tales tend to work out anyway....