i tried going to sleep with wet hair last weekend (with a microfiber towel on my pillowcase like laurabeth), and when i woke up it looked like it had no product in it. fluffy/puffy with no curl definition or hold. it was barely even save-able with recoil and awe inspiraling, which usually get me out of anything.
...i'd like to be able to shower at night so i don't have to go to work with wet hair and/or diffuse (makes me frizzier), but unless my hair is dry or almost dry before i go to bed it ends up a disaster! any tips?
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One of the keys for me is going to bed right after applying products. Then it's more like plopping. One person PMed me about this and said that wrapping her hair in a microfiber towel worked better so the friction of rolling during sleep wouldn't muss it up.

My hair is too thick to be dry in the am if I wrapped it.

Yes, my hair isn't crunchy in the morning, but it has definition and actually much more curl than if I let it dry while vertical.

Oh, there was one product I couldn't sleep on... Curlisto Structura Lotion... had to air dry completely bone dry and then could sleep on it.