I've been working on losing weight since August, and so far I'm down from 176 to 146. My goal is around 130.

While my stomach looks way better, it still doesn't look good at all. I still have the problem I've always had: my belly button, to put it bluntly, looks like a sad face. I've seen people with stomachs bigger than mine who don't have this problem. It's like my upper abs are flabbier than my lower abs, and so the flab hangs over. Kind of like this:


(Not me, but you get the picture.)

Can someone tell me if this is a matter of:
a) losing fat,
b) toning muscle,
c) loose skin from the weight I've lost so far,
d) an anatomical quirk of mine, or
e) something else entirely?

Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated!
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