FWIW, here's my off-normal cholesterol story:

Had high cholesterol for years and then through an unrelated issue discovered I had food allergies: Gluten, Soy, Dairy. This was via an actual Allergist, MD and using an elimination diet.

Oddly, when I mentioned this to my gynecologist (who keeps proving that she's one of the smarter Dr's I've bumped into) her response was "Ah, that will fix the cholesterol issue". When I asked her what she meant she said that there is research showing that patients with problems digesting carbs (food allergy or sensitivity to carbohydrate-containing foods) end up with high cholesterol. I, of course thought she was a bit bonkers because allergies can only be caused by proteins so I didn't think about it much at the time. However, 3 years later--and having seriously upped my potato chip consumption and now using lard for pie crusts--my total cholesterol is 173!!!

YMMV. Go figure.