I would love to join this challenge if it's not too late! My hair is currently about waistlength at it's longest point when straightened, but I don't straighten my hair anymore (maybe a couple of times a year, if that). My goal is to have my curls be waistlength . Currently, depending on the shrinkage that day, my curls are between just below APL and just above BSL.
My current routine (that I just recently started after doing the tightly curly method, and before that the CG method) is to shampoo weekly, co-wash once or twice during the week, and use leave-in (Infusium), oil sealer (combo), and gel (Ecostyler Moroccan Argon Oil Gel) as product. I mostly do wash and gos, but in my efforts to grow my hair out, I'm going to incorporate more buns and braids. I sleep in a satin bonnet on satin pillowcases, and I don't use heat (once in a while a blow dryer with diffuser on medium heat).
The pic I attached I took a couple of days ago on a fairly low-shrinkage day. I'm so excited! Wishing luck and lots of growth to us all!
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Who's gonna start the 2012 waist length callenge ;-)-photo-2012-02-10-23.01-5.jpg