Wow! You must have easily curly hair! My curls need a bit o' help.
Sorry to disappoint, but I didn't try the bun yesterday. I was having a really good hair day after my shower, so I just couldn't take the chance! Lol

I did however, try a really loose 'pineapple' and then wore a satin cap. My hair was 85% dry at the time. When I awoke the next morning, my head itched a bit from the satin cap haha, but my curls looked shiney, moisturized and curly through the ends! Best of all, the pineapple didn't seem to dent my hair (I did keep it super loose).
I'm going to try it again tonight to see if it was a fluke or not!
Originally Posted by CurlyCowgirly
Surprised that no one had yet recommended pineappling, I was just about to do so Probably not a fluke. If you use a loose (but it doesn't have to be excessively so), not-too-tight scrunchie, it should always work without denting. It also gives some lift to the top.

I pineapple, and thenif the ends aren't so curly, I sometimes scrunch a little plain FOTE aloe gel on the ends, and they curl back up nicely. Of course, it's completely dry by morning and takes very little scrunching unless it was applied over a really hard gel. Just taking it down from the pineapple mostly breaks it back up.

If you hair's long enough, you can also try just spreading it out on the pillow above your head rather than pineappling. This also works well for me unless I'm having a real restless night.
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