It seems to me some biracial people who dont want to choose one race or the other (which I dont think they should have to) have created a backlash against biracial people who CHOOSE to identify themselves as one race. I have many friends who are black and something else but they consider themselves black. And i have many filipino and white friends who say they are filipino. It is their perogative and nothing to do with denying their heritage.
I had a coworker who is black say something about my race recently and I said I am black. He said I must be mixed with something because of my hair. I said nothing but was offended. If I say im black then Im black. Just because I have light skin and freckles doesnt compel me to have to self identify as mixed race as some people on here suggest.
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I mixed race. I'm dark skinned, though, but my brother's so fair that he can pass for a full white. I don't know why, but my mum keeps telling me to say that I'm black or write in somewhere that I'm a black. I know that I'm part black, yeah, but the thing is that there's the option to tick, write or say that I'm mixed race, which I am. My cousins are mixed race too and when we were talking together (same as with my bro and I, 2 of my cousins are dark skinned while the other 2 can pass for full whites). So, we were talking about the white side of our family and basically about being mixed race and my mum was like, "hush!" and we were wondering what her problem was. So, my cousin raised her voice a bit and was like, "aren't we mixed race?" My mum was like, "shh." So, we were like, "as long as we have both a white and black family, and the blood of both a white and a black is running through our veins, we are mixed race." Seriously, I don't know what my mum's prob is. My mum's the white, I might add. All this happened last summer while we were at a picnic at the park with a bunch of our (fully white) friends. People accept us for being mixed race, everyone there did, in fact, some families that were at the park were mixed race too, so, I don't know why my mum tries to force us to say that we're blacks. Yeah, we are part black, but that's part black, we're also part white so, why don't we say we're whites? huh? get my point.
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I understand. I think you should be able to refer to yourself as you feel comfortable. I dont know your mom or her reasons. The only thing I can think of is she maybe she is afraid you wont be accepted.
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This is true. I am mixed and have had many people throughout my life try to identify me as only one, either latin, white, or black, and I'm very much like, "No, I'm all three!"

I had a friend who was Black and Mexican and she's like I'm Black! I'm like no your mixed, lol. But I can see how its annoying for both of us.

People should be able to claim what they want. For me I don't identify with any one of my sides more than any other so I feel weird claiming only 1 or 2. I think my friend grew up with her Black family more so feels more comfortable identifying as such.
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