Another great week!! I still don't get Sarah pushing for the baby when they don't even live together. I totally get that her clock is ticking but he mentioned it once, casually and she took it and ran. Now they both talk about it and seems like they're working on it but she's driving it and there's no solid commitment -- living together, engagement, him being around her kids etc. I dunno, seems all backwards to me but that's how a lot of things go in life. We don't always make the best decisions. Very realistic which is why I like the show so much.

Amber!!!!! What the h*ll?!? Big trouble. I like the guy. I like the flirtatiousness but now it seems dirty.

Luvmylocs, did you see previews? Jasmine professes her love for Crosby!!! Can't wait to see what happens there.

Max usually drives me nuts. He's so good at that part but he had me crying and boohooing with his new friend. So sweet. The parents killed me. Having kids has made me such a softie!!
3a/b, fine texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, mod-CG 7/11/11

Poo: KC Come Clean, SM Moisture Retention
CO: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Argan & Olive Oil, Renpure Argan Oil, YTCucumbers, Sevi Pumpkin
Style: AIF, HESMU, Biolage gelee, KCCC
LOOB for second day hair

Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.