I'm sorry...what is CG? I'm new to this forum, lol. If it would improve the texture, it definitely sounds like something I need to do.

My hair is deceptively thick. When I go get it cut, they never think it's thick looking at it, and then they get into and they have a cow. Then they try to thin it which makes my hair grow out a million different lengths ugh.

I'm not sure about the porousness of my hair. I'm tending to think pretty decently so...my hair is always dry and takes color & perms extremely well. I've thought about reperming my hair so that it behaves, but I'd reeeeally rather perfect its natural texture if I can.

Now the fine vs. coarse is where my hair gets complicated. Some of the hairs are medium...easily seen on a paper, but more difficult to feel between the fingers. Some of them are coarse..very easily seen against a paper, and wiry feeling between the fingers.

This is why I'm so frustrated, lol. Partly medium/partly coarse. Partly curly wavy/partly straighter wavy. My hair is a hot mess.
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The College Curly <--- that website is a great place to get started; it gives a very basic overview of CG (curly girl). It's basically treating your hair very gentle and trying to encourage it's natural wave or curls. I would also suggest reading the links listed in http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...rly-links.html and here http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...tart-here.html

Those will answer more of your questions, HTH.
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