After reading all the posts on hurtful hair comments I had to contribute.

I actually didn't know I had wavy/curly hair until I was in college! This is due to my father's girlfriend (an unnamed hairdresser), who forced me to brush through my hair everyday with a huge paddle brush, which resulted in a hairdo not unsimilar to the ones you see on the garnier fructis or infusium commercials. She even had my hair spiral-permed when I was 9 to make it look neater, which only resulted in me having long dry, frizzy poodle curls. Like I said before, until I moved out of my house in college, I didn't know I had curly hair. So alas, all throughout junior high and highschool I would brush through my hair mulitple times a day, hoping it would 'calm down' and just look like everyone else's instead of like a d@mn hobo's. Ironically this made my hair even worse and resulted in choice comments like the following:

1) Unnamed brainless football jock (jr. high)- Signed in my yearbook so affectionately--- "Comb your hair some more b3tch!"
-Thanks buddy, I hope you have no hair on your head to comb when our 10 year renuion comes around!!!!
2) Two pancaked-on makeup artists at an expensive NYC salon where I was receiving an expensive makeover- "Why is your hair all curly? Oh my god the stylist forget to straighten out her hair! Call him up here now he has to fix it!"
-Sorry ladies. I wanted my hair to be natural, unlike your flat hair! Maybe that sounds apalling to you, but I think it is horrifying that you need to spend an hour a day doing your hair and then go to work and force everyone into a similar state of hair slavery.
PS- the ladies also reminded me that my eyebrows were "f6cked up!" Thanks Girls!
3) Finally my sweet boyfriend. He's the one who crowned me 'Medusa". It took 15 minutes to explain to him why this nickname was not a compliment, and he still doen't get it!
-thanks for the vent and all the advice on the board. I'm praying for a miracle with my next haircut. Has anyone on the board went to the Hair Cult salon in Hoboken, NJ
-somewhere btwn a 2B and 2C, embracing the wave