No JimB - it takes more than just cleansing and moisturizing to address the problems that the original poster has. If that were the case, nearly everyone would have clear, non-acneic, even-toned skin with no spots or wrinkles. It takes good TREATMENT and care, as in skin lightening agents, anti-wrinkle things, and clearing the skin(from the acne). Rx retinoids and skin lightening stuff works very well for a lot of people, once they find the right strength and combo for their particular skin.
A note, guys(or women with genetically-perfect skin) will often say that all one has to do is wash one's face as this is what they do and their skin is fine LOL! They might be among the outliers that no matter how little they do to their skin it's fine and perfect - there ARE people like this in both sexes. Genetics has a WHOLE lot to do with how one's skin responds to environmental factors as well as simply time. More than people think, actually. JMHO here.