try to eat as much dietary protein as you can in a day. After such prolonged stress on your body, you probably are severely protein deficient in all your cells not just your hair.

When your body is getting enough protein, it will shuttle some to hair growth and strength, but if you don't have enough to maintain muscle and critical organs like heart etc, hair is last on the list for divvying out protein to the body--hair is not essential for life but heart muscle and skeletal muscle surely is. Give yourself a good long time (6 months) with 80-100 grams of protein macronutrient in your diet and reassess the health of your skin and hair at that point. It should be stronger and shinier by then, but it will take a long time.

I'm glad you are healthier now so keep strengthening yourself with great protein nutrition.
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Ondulee? The color of your curls in your pic are beautiful. Is that your natural color? I want that hair color 😊