HELP MIL and SIL are moving back here!!! Anyone got a magic button that will turn crazy people sane that I could borrow? I'll love you forever and ever and ever. I promise

I seriously don't think I can handle their drama this up close anymore. They are so dmsa;dkfjedjaohj full of drama kdla;ekmld entitlement issues kdl;ke;qe They are so bad, it makes me paranoid.

you know the expression make a mountain out of a molehill. His mother can make entire planets out of a molecule. She's helpless and can't do anything by herself. It's a wonder she hasn't starved to death because she couldn't choose what she wants to eat by herself. She calls DH in the middle of the night with crap like this: Bob wants me to pick him up. DH: so? MIL: I don't want to. DH: well don't then MIL: but he asked me to. DH so???? or MIL: I"m in the ER I think I'm dying. will you call your sister and the two of you come stay with me until the end. DH: what's wrong. MIL: I can't poop! or "I got drunk and now I'm throwing up. I think someone poisoned me. I don't think I'll make it much longer, please come soon." (I should state, she's on prescription pills that don't mix with alcohol)

She once made herself literally sick from stress because her roommate was $2 short of their half of the rent that they were paying a month in advance. So she kicked them out, then she got stressed because she couldn't afford the rent anymore.

She buys cars that don't run. at all. Then she wants DH to fix them for free. She doesn't have the money for the parts either.

She can barely afford to feed herself. Then she gets large dogs and feeds them steak, or pot roast, every day. Then she needs help because she has no food for herself. I dont' know why she gets dogs. She doesn't walk them, or play with them. There just there. eating her money that she can't afford to lose. and she won't leave them alone unsupervised. she won't even go to the grocery store unless someone is there to watch the dog(s)

MIL and SIL moved out in the middle of nowhere, several states away from everyone they know, without reliable transportation. They moved to an area that most people probably bust their butts to get out of because there's nothing there. Then they call for help when their car breaks down, and they're stranded in the sticks and cant get to work or the store. They've lived there for maybe 6 years, they still have not gotten a reliable car.

MIL has been trying to talk DH into coming to get her for years. She doesn't just want him to drive her. She expects him to drive down there, get the boxes, pack all her stuff, load it in the car, and make multiple trips to move it all back here. all by himself. And then stay here until she finds someone else to freeload off of.

His sister is so irresponsible. she is one of those people you pray that they are infertile. She has a life long habit of spending all her money on drugs and god knows what else, traveling when she had no means of getting back. she is 30 years old and never held down a job for more than 3 months IN HER LIFE. She quits jobs the first time she gets annoyed or pissed off. Then she begs, pleads cries and DEMANDS that her family give her money. She has laughed about being evicted with NO MONEY to get a new place. She dates guys that are really bad news, then she starts fights with them, physical fights. These are guys who are already known for violence and she punches them and then acts all shocked when they hit her back. She calls everyone and expects others to come and kick the guys ass for her. She is not helpless in a fight either. Normally the guys look much worse than she does she barely has a mark on her and they're all banged up. This has happened with like 10 different guys.

Did I mention she managed to convince her mom and dad that she is off drugs and is in school, at the FBI Academy. She says she's going to be a field agent for the FBI or ATF, she's hasn't decided yet. She's a HS drop-out, with a documented history of drug abuse, admits to DH that she is still smokes, has a criminal record and originally fled the state because she had another warrant out on her for check fraud?

This woman just asked us if there's an apartment available where we live. We lied. I am praying to any god that will listen that she doesn't find out. last time she lived in the same building as us, she stole our phone and ran the bill up $400. When I stopped her from trying it again, she told everyone I was cheating with my ex. She picked the wrong ex, so no one believed it.

This is just a fraction of a percent of their crap. DH often says he must have been switched at birth, I believe it. He doesn't play into their drama anymore, but once or twice a year they still start stuff and try to get him to bite. It's been limited now because they couldn't afford to call us for every little thing. But now that they're back, I'm afraid we might be a little out of practice, or maybe they'll try and make up for lost drama.

I have a headache now. I'm not a happy camper right now.