I had the exact opposite reaction to UCSB when I drove up there with my mom: we were supposed to take a walking tour, but I didn't even want to get out of the car, and luckily for me, neither did she. She can't stand cold rainy weather, which is how it was there at the time, so nobody would be surprised by that, but I think everyone I told was surprised that I of all people didn't feel happy someplace that was right up on the edge of the ocean, while the clouds loomed full of water overhead. People often point to my zodiac sign (Pisces) when commenting about how I love all of those things, at least in theory - not so into getting randomly soaked and chilled, lol! Anyway, I never agree with people when they say gray skies make things "ugly," and generally find every landscape improved by the soft light, so I don't think that contributed much to what I felt. It was like I was being driven into a trap that had some plywood set pieces in it to prevent me from figuring it out. I love quiet, isolated places, but I seem to be a city/large campus girl through-and-through. It's like I have to have the world at my fingertips so I can avoid it at my leisure.

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