i was taking vitamin e gelcaps 400 mg/day when i hit menopause, then i read that 800mg/day can help with hot flashes, so i did that. i never had a hot flash, there were occasional nights when i'd feel warm, but if i kicked off the blankets i was good.
i can say that i had run out of the gelcaps and had to buy the capsules (dry vit e) instead, used them for several days, and felt the difference - i was definitely headed toward mild hot flashes. i was able to buy the gelcaps then and my body went back to normal.

i'm not saying it can 'cure' hot flashes, as i might not have had strong ones, but it most definitely made a difference.

everyone's body is different and will respond and not respond to various things, so it's trial and error. i am sure others will join in with what worked for them. if you do a search i am pretty sure there is another thread in this forum on the same topic with other remedies.

hope you find what works for you soon! it certainly is freeing not to have periods, and once you are feeling better, you will enjoy it.
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