I posted this to protein sensitive board as well, but this forum gets more traffic and it seems there are a few on here like me who are protein sensitive and low porosity.

I am currently using GVP Cond balm and it works alright but I feel my hair doesn't absorb it and I feel I want something with a little slip. I hate AOHSR. It feels like it just sets on top of my hair. I love products I can find on the ground and use as a base to add some of my beloved oils like grape seed and avocado, and essential oils.
Me: 3c, very thick
BC- May 2010
Current routine:
pre poo: avacado, banana babyfood, grapeseed oil, and silk amino acid. Cleanser: DC No Poo 1x a week and BC 1x a week. DT: GVP Cond balm and grape seed oil
Co-wash: GVP CD, TJ tea tree
Leave-in: GVP CD, TJ tea tree, and grape seed oil
Styling: HETT and castor oil
DD (8 & 6 yo): both4s (1 thick, 2 thin) keep in 2strand twists
DD (4yo): 3b (very thin, hard to grow) keep in single braids with lots of beads for protection