So just wanted to post an update, in case anyone is curious. While I've only used them a few times, I've had pretty good results so far. I've used the Care Free Curls Gel Activator Lite twice (once with AVG + BRHG and once with Nutra Curl + BRHG) and the Nutra Curl once (since I've only used the Nutra Curl once, I'll wait to judge it after I try it a few more times)

Care Free Curls: I really like this product, but I'm not sure whether it's making a huge difference or not (even though may not sound like an issue, my hair is pretty agreeable and tends to like most products, so while I never have terrible results, I also never have amazing results). It does seem to make my waves stay a little longer, and doesn't seem like it will build up on my fine hair. Once I finish the jar, I will probably buy another one, as long as it continues to work as well as it has the last two times.
2b, fine texture, normal porosity & elasticity (CG as of 12/2011)

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