Head over to Power-Surge, the portal for everything menopause. Very active discussion board with a lot of topics. But be careful - it can get depressing as so many people over there have literally been DERAILED by peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause - each stage of the transition having its own challenges. One has to kind of pick and choose what to read all of.
However, every woman is different in how her body handles this. A clue to how one will handle it oneself, look to one's mother or older sister, especially if one has the same lifestyle and dietary habits. But if one has been on a very health-conscious path that is very different from one's relatives, then one might not suffer the same stuff. Then there are the rare birds who hardly notice a thing, the vast majority that notice at least something or several things, and the smaller group that is indeed derailed.
Hope this helps!