I just have to ask; has anyone else been told they have hair like Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter)? LOL! All this talk of the fuzzies reminded me of high school and being told I should read this "Harry Potter" book because the girl in there was just like me down to the hair. LOL! Good thing I really loved that lady.
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Yes, yes, yes!!! In fact, at a sleepover at my friend's house in middle school and we were both HP obsessed, it was the morning and she brushed her hair, so I brushed mine, too. I'd gotten it to the point where it feels really nice and soft, like spun silk. Temporarily, yes, but it does have that point. Well, I walked out of her room and she told me I looked just like Hermione! But I though Hermione was awesome, so for the most part, I took it as a compliment. I felt smart the whole day.

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