Very realistic which is why I like the show so much.

Amber!!!!! What the h*ll?!? Big trouble. I like the guy. I like the flirtatiousness but now it seems dirty.

Luvmylocs, did you see previews? Jasmine professes her love for Crosby!!! Can't wait to see what happens there.

Max usually drives me nuts. He's so good at that part but he had me crying and boohooing with his new friend. So sweet. The parents killed me. Having kids has made me such a softie!!
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oh my, i just watched this weeks episode. this show is fricking AWESOME!!!!

you're right, sarah and her is messy. ex and drew are bummed about her wanting a baby. wow...

i agree, the thing with amber and bob...even though they are both adults, it just feels wrong and unbalanced. her aunt busting in on her was a bit embarrassing but it was probably needed.

jasmine/crosby....WOWSERS!!! why do i feel like crosby is going to reject her?! the dr. is so damn fine but she still loves quirky crosby. i wonder if she's thinking through what life as a family with him would be like again. could it work? what about his new love? is she just jealous? they can't keep going back and forth for jabar's sake. i can't wait!! i'll be out of town next week and having business dinners but i hope i can see this!

max, yes sweet and even the parents got to see they are not alone and other parents feel having a kid with special needs.

zooey probably ran off with her baby. that girl is unstable. she will probably end up leaving the baby on their doorstep as a season cliffhanger. she can't really take care of him and i'm beginning to question her mental state but of course she feels connected to the child growing inside her. hmm, maybe the baby will die at birth or something really tragic though. of course she'll feel guilty even if its not her fault. how many more episodes?
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