Zeldagoblin- ITA your hair looks like Julianna M's hair.
ManthaJay- I chopped ALL of my hair off to about 1/2in all over as a result of a early mild Midlife Crisis. It has taken 3years to grow back to the length I had it before (see my fotki). I did it because I wanted to see if it looked better short with a good cut, as opposed to all the terrible cuts I had when I was younger. And although I didn't like it any better than I did when I was young, I did notice some things...
My curl pattern is a 3a long, it was a tighter curl when shorter.
I used even more styling prods to get it to look good short than I did when it was long. I wanted that choppy, piecy faux-hawk (fake mohawk) look and it took some doing...I had to use the super dooper hold gels to get it to stay. And no 2nd day hair ever, I had to wash and style every day if I wanted it to look right.
Also my hair grows fairly fast for a curly and therefore spent too much IMO on cuts and trims so it was not cost eff. for me. My biggest thing was that I really like my hair and when it was short there wasn't enough of it to enjoy.
This is just me but I think short hair is more of a commitment than long hair, especially for curlies.
Cincinnati Ohio>>>Coarse protein sensitive 3a, Jessicurl WDT as a leave in, Biotera gel, White Boots, PW= coffeecurls

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