Reading most of these just makes me sad. I wish i had more curly haired friends growing up. It was a struggle for me.
I was always called orangutan by one of my best friends because my hair is naturally red\orange. She got her boy friend to start calling me that too, along with all his friends and that was that. I just tried to not let it bug me around them.
I have really spirally curls and in grade school- high school i was always getting paper airplanes launched at it. Its funny now. but not back then. I had a very hard time with my hair and still have trouble doing different things to it. But i know it is beautiful now and i can embrace it. it only took about 20 years :/ I just wish there was someone back then to show me what to do and not to do. Up until my sophomore year of highschool i wore it in a tight pony tail. Oh gosh i can't even look at a picture from then. It was just easier. I am from Florida to so humidity is not a friend of mine, nor bangs!!
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orangutan?? that is so weird and it must have been hella annoying to hear it on a day to day basis, but it's such a dumb name that it's actually kind of funny... now that I'm thinking about it, that is the weirdest name I have ever heard a fellow curly be called...

people used to call me big perm LOL
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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