Can anyone recommend a gel that is comparable to HESMU in hold but that won't dry out my hair? HESMU is the only gel that gives me that extra firm hold that I need for my hair. I have a very strong curl pattern; that's not the problem. My problem is the amount of volume I have so I need a product like HESMU which kind of "glues" my curls together and controls the volume. I always leave in a lot of conditioner but I still think my hair needs a break from HESMU.

I've tried using KCCC but the hold is just not enough for me. My hair is soft and feels moisturized but it is HUGE and it definitely does not control the volume. Is my best bet to use KCCC or something comparable and then layer HESMU over it? Or do I mix the the two together before I apply it to my hair?

Also, I can't really afford to buy really expensive products because of the amount of hair I have. Seriously, a large size bottle of conditioner lasts me only about 2 washes.

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!!