I'm reviving this thread from the dead. I caved. I made okra gel (with frozen okra). Using a little xanthan gum to thicken because slimy gels are awfully messy. By an odd coincidence, we're having okra-vegetable soup for dinner...

I think I love this stuff. Definitely needs a thickener and maybe some protein or magnesium sulfate or chloride (leaning towards protein) for enhancement of waves and curls, possibly some agave for hold. No frizz. No frizz! Soft, big waves and no frizz. It was very easy to make - got a little overzealous about squishing out the goo and had to re-strain. I don't mind the smell at all. Once refrigerated, I can't smell anything. Need to try it with something for hold but here's another cool thing - my head isn't itching.

I had to re-spritz my hair after being out in the wind and it got more volume after that - at first it wasn't great in the volume department. And I thought I would hate it.