Hello all,
I hope this is not silly (especially since I have a few years before this is a real “issue”), but I am a bit nervous (for lack of a better word) about my future daughters hair. Hair in this child’s family will run the gamut. Using the Andre Walker typing system for a visual, her genetic spectrum runs from Type 1 to Type 2c/3a on her dad’s side and 3b to 4b on my side. Her hair could be fine to medium and will probably be thin because neither of us have many family members with thick heads of hair.
What the heck will I do with her hair if it is nothing like my own hair? I am a PJ in recovery, so I know that finding products to use won’t be a huge problem. I just pray that these products still exist and that I can afford some of them in the future. However, what I do not want to do is succumb to my PJing ways trying to find what works. My question is how do you figure out what is best when your child has hair that is vastly different from your own? Did the trial and error process cost a lot?
SN: I am 37 weeks pregnant and I am really worried about much more important things. My concerned mom brain is on overdrive and this is just a little distraction