I never knew curls had anything to do with religion. Interesting. Lmao. Hilariously Jewish people tend to be the least curly people of all the Levant IMO. Besides, most people that I know who are Jewish are mostly European, though probably with some Jewish traces. Usually if I meet someone who is racially Jewish they don't identify themselves as "Jewish" they usually identify as "Israeli/Palestinian".

I'm from the middle-east (Lebanon/Syria/Israel) and believe it or not, curlies aren't actually the 100% norm there. It's actually not THAT common. (Don't get me wrong it's still very common, but not as much as people think it is, funnily enough it's even less common in Israel where there's a lot of northern-caucasians)

Strangely though, my mother calls me her "Little Jewish Girl" even though I'm not jewish, and her reasoning was because my hair looked jewish