So, I was all excited about getting kinky twists, so I got them. Done by the Africans. Wrong decision because the lady, i don't think, knew how to work with natural hair. She used a small-toothed comb to detangle, used Pink Lotion as a moisturizer, pulled EXTREMELY tight, and it takes a lot for my hair break my hair.
So, I dealt with it for 10 hours, got home, HATED them, so I took them out. And I've never missed my natural hair so much!
I took them out with ease, and I immediately shampooed, did a protein treatment, and deep conditioned after. (i did one before the braids too).

So, right now, I'm trying to get back some strength and moisture in my hair. I don't think I had a ton of breakage. I'm never getting kinky twists again! if i do, I do them myself.

Has anyone else had a kinky twist disaster? If so, how did you nurse your hair back to health?