Color me stupid here, but I guess I don't understand the difference between an S-wave for type 2 girls, and a "spiral" curl for type 3 girls. My hair looks like both of those pictures StayBeautiful linked, and it also looks a lot like a lot of the pictures in the 3A pics thread in the 3A forum. But if I've ever asked input from anyone, I'm typed a "wavy." My hair curls from the root and bounces up and does not fit the 2c description on at all, it's not coarse, it's not resistant to styling, etc. It does frizz a little but what curly doesnt. But my waves are "wavier" than what I'd call a 2b. But I don't see a lot of obvious spiral formation.

I know it doesn't matter on the grand scale of hair care and it's just a fun thing, but to me, that first pic of her looks like S waves. I wouldn't type Taylor's hair any "curlier" than 2C. I love her hair. To me, a 3A is like CalamityM, or BoticelliBabe - big, very obvious, spirals.

I guess I'm just curious where you draw the line between S waves and Spiral Curls?
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