How long have you been natural? Do you find it hard not to straighten your hair only once per year?

For the most part I'm fine. Mostly, I don't straighten because I want maximum growth & health. Plus, I'm cautious to straighten because I don't want to mess with my curl pattern, suffer heat damage, or better yet, get hooked on straightening. Lol!

I love my curls but every now and then I think about straightening my hair out of curiosity. I have a friend who had to BC & start all over after reaching SL due to heat damage. However, I have another friend & after seeing Allnaturalchick straighten once per month & don't seem to have an issue with their curl patterns... Still have beautiful curls!

What's your take?

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Originally Posted by tots5678

Ive been on a healthy hair journey for over 3 years....I was natural a few months before but always kept my hair pressed and/or weaved

I find it hard to straighten my hair actually , I prefer my naps. Every the time comes around for my annual i'm compromising on when I should do it, the procrastinate...

The point of my healthy hair journey was to challenge my self to lay off heat, because I had alot of damage and breakage. I learned that my hair is heat sensitive, and yea it was hard to lay off then, but the more healthy my hair got, the less I wanted to straighten, and I never turned back...I get bored with straight hair now...
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