I haven't tried a lot of their products, but Curl Keeper has become one of my HG styling products. When I ordered Curl Keeper I also ordered the Treatment Shampoo (yes, it has sulphates) and the Pure Silk Protein. I love the Treatment Shampoo because it leaves my hair feeling much nicer than a lot of the low-poos I've tried (I'm still on the fence about CG/modified CG/non-CG). I use it once a week before my PT/DT. The Pure Silk Protein claims to be very moisturizing, but it didn't feel like it when I tried it. My hair loves protein, but I still need to add extra moisture. I get great results mixing it with a regular conditioner like TN or GFTN, but I didn't like it alone (part of that could be because it has absolutely no slip).

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