Hey girls
As all of you I purchased about a year ago Qod Max and I am thrilled how my hair looks and feels. I love this treatment

BUT...I took a look at the bottle(1litre) and the expiration date is August 2012!!
I have used less than the half of the bottle!
I bet I wont have finished it until 2014!

Is there a problem using it after the exp.date?
What did you do with your treatments?

I though of separating it in small bottles (1 per treatment) and putting it in the refrigaration.
Originally Posted by Bruchilda
I've used mine past the expiration date with no problems. I also drink drinks and eat foods that are past their exp. dates as long as they look, smell, and taste fine. I think the exp. date is a "guideline" only. But, that's just my uneducated opinion.
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